Hole 1 - This is a great way to start your round, a short, straight Par 5, which is open off the tee. The only trouble is on your approach to the green. A large tree protects the right side of the green, and there is a small trap on the left side of the green. An approach shot from the left side of the fairway gives you a better approach angle.

Hole 2 - From the red and blue tees this hole plays straight. The hole plays as a dogleg right from the white tee. It is a short Par 4, but is quite narrow, so accuracy off the tee is at a premium.

Hole 3 - A Par 4 which appears fairly open as you stand on the tee. Looks can be deceiving, as there are trees on the left and right overhanging the edges of the green.

Hole 4 - This is a short Par 3, which can play harder than the distance. There is Out of Bounds just right of the green. There is a dip and then an upslope short of the green, which makes for a tough up and down.

Hole 5 - This deceptive Par 5 plays very narrow off the tee. It is a short Par 5, and is a great risk/reward hole. There is a gradual dogleg left beginning at 200 yards from the tee. Out of Bounds goes along the entire right side of this hole. Long hitters can go around the dogleg and be able to reach the green in 2, setting up a possible eagle or birdie. The safe way to play the hole is to hit it 170-190 yards off the tee, and then hit another shot about the same distance. This will still leave a short or mid iron into the green, which has a large bunker just to the right side.

Hole 6 - On this Par 3, we have two different tee boxes which we alternate that allows the hole to be played from 125-190 yards. They give the hole two completely different looks. Your eyes are not deceiving you, there is a tree on the very back part of the green. There is a small bunker left of the green.

Hole 7 - This is a sharp dogleg left Par 4, and is a lay up hole. To the dogleg, it is 185 yards from the Blue Tees, 165 from the Whites, and 140 yards from the Red Tees, and is very narrow. Once at the dogleg, your approach to the green is over water. There is also a trap just over the green. Two good shots are a must to make par here.

Hole 8 - A Par 4 which is fairly open off the tee. Hitting the fairway is definitely an advantage, as playing from the trees on this hole makes par very tough. There is a trap 20 yards short of the green on the left, and a greenside bunker on the right.

Hole 9 - There is Out of Bounds all along the right side of this Par 4 finishing hole. If you tend to hit a fade, start your tee shot at the left rough, and let it work back into the fairway. There is a long greenside bunker to the right of this green.